The Continent and its nations

The empires of Sevania span 7 great kingdoms, each a part of the great Empire of Shiko. 500 years ago, the king of Wendeth, Marovar the 3rd led his armies to conquer his neighbors using weapons and technology not seen before on the continent. While the legends told of an era of ancient wonders, it had seemed that Marovar had found enough relics to truly turn the balance of power on its head. First he invaded the longtime rival Takavario, then occupied the more pacifist Miravath with little fight. After this, the remaining kingdoms were crushed one by one, unable to ally until it was too late. The Wendvian army used some advanced weapon to destroy assembled enemy armies all at once, leaving the kingdoms helpless. This began the period know as the Shiko Imperium.

THe main cities of the empire float high above the ground, connected to the sprawling groundling cities by a series of pulley cars and fast transfer tubes. The capital is the largest, most well defended of the Imperial centers and has never seen an invasion in recorded history. Fleets of airships fill the skies moving peoples and goods back and force, or occasionally soldiers. The various kingdoms have official names but are often referred to by the color of the single, domineering spire that sits at the center of their capital cities. Wendeth is the Gold spire, while Takavirio is the Yellow Spire.

Wendeth – The Golden Spire

Barrathis – The Blue Spire

Takaviro – The Yellow Spire

Atania – The Black Spire

Egred – The Red Spire

Miravath – The Green Spire

The Continent and its nations

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